it will be difficult for us to follow up on the manuscript submitted for Mexico Email List evaluation. We also have to consider the periodicity of publication of the journal, it is not the same that the journal publishes two issues a year with ten manuscripts (being semi-annual) than, if it publishes, three, four or twelve (being monthly). With the database and quartile equal, it is preferable to send our article Mexico Email List to the one that publishes the largest number of manuscripts per year and, in our opinion and for multiple reasons, avoid the annual ones. It is also convenient to check the statistics section of the journals and, especially, the rejection rates (percentage of rejection of manuscripts by number) and acceptance (percentage of Mexico Email List acceptance of manuscripts by number) of these.

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The journals that are better positioned in the main databases (based on their Mexico Email List Impact Factor) have tougher and more demanding review processes and reviews are usually carried out by experts in the area. We must not forget that they receive many more manuscripts so, maintaining the number of articles published per year, they are forced to reject many works and do not usually Mexico Email List have a “waiting queue” of articles to publish, but rather close the process in each issue. accepting and publishing only the best works and rejecting the rest. Another clue is not to focus only on trying to publish in Mexico Email List a specific field, for example, researchers in the field of education can publish in journals in that field,

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but also to look for journals from related fields in which they can publish Mexico Email List their work, even if they are not. of your specific area. Finally, to advise, especially to the newest researchers (the most seniors have already gone through the rejection on more than one occasion) on the need to Mexico Email List persevere in the attempt and not let “sleep” a manuscript that is rejected in a journal . If the rejection is accompanied by the reviewers’ evaluation protocols and they have relevant recommendations, we advise making changes and improvements in the shortest time possible and choosing, among the journals in our field Mexico Email List that we already have selected, the next one to return to. to try.

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