We have far exceeded 2020, perhaps it has been one of the greatest challenges that the entire advertising industry has faced. But 2022 is near and yet another barrier is coming, this time specifically for measurement professionals. Marketing is going to hit a sudden change and we must be prepared to face it. We are talking about the new cookieless environment that transmits so much uncertainty in the sector.

To try to clarify the situation, Accenture and Salesforce start a series of meetings led by industry experts and in collaboration with MarketingDirecto. In this first meeting, the growing concern of consumers regarding the privacy of their data was taken as a reference , and as a consequence the changes made by the main technological players. Third-party cookies will disappear, but are we prepared to face this scenario?

This Will Be the New Cookies

The first speaker to explain this situation was José Ramón Alonso, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive. From his point of view, the new Christmas island B2B list environment will be characterized by a more relevant digital atmosphere. ” We see that we are all on the same path, that is, we seek for the user to identify with us “, says Alonso.

Email Database

And the truth is that the new paradigm has not yet been define. So we still have time to model it to our liking. Although according to Alonso there are already three large areas that are intertwined in the short term. The Customer Data Platform allows us to converge and unite a vision focused on CRM. Integrate these different sources of information. Different ways of identifying the client in a more internalized environment or vision.

Increase the focus on the customer experience and create valuable experiences with creativity. Appreciation to raise your hand. We want to known and establish close relationships with the client.
The new paradigm will move us to a new way of working. Thanks to the integrated vision of the client and the technology that allows us to do it naturally. This collides with traditional models and requires changes and evolution around this information.

The Solution Lies in Technology

The next presentation given by Carlos Rojas, MadTech Lead – Senior Manager at Accenture Interactive. And he started from the most common scenario in advertising, the collection of data from brands to consumers. “ We give a lot of data, forms and experiences, but we are not so sure that the brands are offering good experiences ”, says Rojas.

One of the problems raised by the expert is the decompensation of the large amount of data that exists about users without their being aware. In fact, the data that Rojas provides is that 93% of consumers feel that each interaction with the brand should be excellent, but they do not perceive it that way.

Its solution is to identify the user through new, less invasive technologies. “We have been talking about data and malpractice for years. But we have not been able to change the environment,” he explains. And he adds that this new marketing model where we really are excellent in each interaction. Regardless of where the user is should aspire to be able to react and identify him in the channel he is in. To conclude with his presentation, Rojas commented on the extensive craftsmanship. We have with a campaign on any channel.

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