This section is usually the shortest part (between 2 and Iceland Email Address sentences) and synthesizes what is known about the research problem and what is the objective of the study that is intended to inform. Methods: Usually, this part is the second longest in the abstract, as it must contain enough information to understand the research that was carried out. It usually Iceland Email Address includes the description of the type of research (field, experimental, documentary), the research design (qualitative, quantitative or mixed), the instrument, the sample, the sampling techniques and the research techniques. Results: Without a doubt, the most important (and extensive) part of the summary. It must be descriptive and sufficiently Iceland Email Address informative, also understanding that it must be aligned with the objective presented in the background.

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Something very widespread in the Social Sciences – Iceland Email Address and that I consider a bad practice – is to present statements here such as: “The response rates of the audience are different, depending on their age”, being the correct thing “The response rates of the audience differ by Iceland Email Address strongly agree; agree; Iceland Email Address strongly disagree). Conclusions: They present, in a couple of sentences, the final message or interpretation of the results, as well as other important or unexpected findings. It is usual that in this section the authors express some opinion (supported) Iceland Email Address about the practical or theoretical consequences, as well as the value of their research for future studies.

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Example of a block summary with its four components., Iceland Email Address -Sánchez, J., & Mirete-Ruiz, A. (2020). Maladaptive use of ICT in adolescence: Profiles, supervision and technological stress. [Maladaptive use of ICT in adolescents: Profiles, supervision and technological stress]. Iceland Email Address Communicate Some keys to write your summary Clarity: The abstract should imply what is covered in the article without having to read the article to understand it. Simplicity: The tendency in almost all disciplines is to state in the abstract in a way that can be understood by most readers. We not only write for our fellow researchers in our discipline, but also for students, journalists, professionals and researchers from other fields. Iceland Email Address Conciseness: Do not embellish the text, it is not necessary.

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