SomosSapiens , an independent media group, and Apache. The digital innovation consulting firm part of LLYC, sign a collaboration agreement to enhance their portfolio of services. Without this preventing the companies from maintaining their independence.

Both companies, which are included in the ranking of the best agencies valued by brands in 2020. Are aware that in the current scenario, brands require comprehensive media. Digital and communication solutions that are creative, innovative and effective. To achieve this, they propose to share knowledge, tools. Technology and, thus, strengthen their business relationships.

Comprehensive Vision of The Media Process

Especially identifying consumer insights and activating comprehensive Brand&Performance campaigns. For its part, Apache will Jamaica WhatsApp Number List complement the proposal with all its experience in Performance, SEO, Data & Analytics and active listening projects with the development of its own technology to generate competitive advantages. In this way, both make up a unique value proposition for their clients, oriented towards results and with the most innovative technological layer.

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For Jesús Moradillo, CEO of Apache

In conclusion, The agreement with SomosSapiens is a perfect complement to our capabilities in media planning. And negotiation, especially in projects that require high visibility. In addition, we will take advantage of their capacity in proximity campaigns and in actions aimed at children, adolescents and families. For Guillermo Hernández, CEO of SomosSapiens. “ I am convince that we are two very complementary companies, that we believe in the collaborative model to grow in business and we know that combining our talent, knowledge. Technology will have a direct impact on the results of our current and future clients ”.

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