According to our own data, it increases the cart by more than 20% and multiplies the conversion rate by up to 25. “During the pandemic, thousands of merchants had to close their establishments and we thought that thanks to real-time video broadcast technologies we could help them connect with their customers and allow them to show their products without the need for a physical presence,” explains Alfredo Ouro , CEO and founder of Onlive.

Life Shopping Is Sweeping China

and the United States, and Europe continues to grow. In August 2020, Tommy Hilfiger carried out its first official live shopping test, reaching find telephone number norway more than 14 million viewers, selling 1,300 products in just two minutes.

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With Onlive, the approach to the new buyer takes place in an agile and carefree way. Combining purchases on video with games. Auctions, quiz surveys, discounts, multimedia elements with special effects, sounds that enrich the shopping experience.

The Online Site Makes It Easier for The Brand

Simultaneously, the online site makes it easier for the brand to obtain data in real-time. This allows it to get to know its interlocutor better, target its message and associate this information, even in an automated way, with the company’s information system, since that Onlive is integrated into the merchant’s website.

«It allows you to introduce your company. Brand or service in a very immersive way, which gives you access to a lot of information. Data in real-time. Post-event to optimize each session based on the conversion and engagement goals set. It is a commercial and marketing tool that is managing to create a new communication channel. That is much more complete than any videoconferencing tool or social network”, says Alfredo Ouro.

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