TEAM LEWIS , the global marketing agency has just released its annual Global Marketing Engagement Index™. The agency has analyzed the 300 largest companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list using its proprietary methodology, Marketing Engagement Tracker (MET).

The study concludes that IBM , American Express and Dell Technologies are positioned as the best companies of 2021 . It also reveals that MET free contractor email list scores have fallen in most sectors. The sectors that have experienced the greatest score decreases are real estate (19%), e-commerce (11%) and aerospace and defense (10%). The reason for the decrease is due to low scores in the categories that analyze the relationship with the media, web analytics and user experience.

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Key Data Extracted from The Study:

The study argues that inconsistency is the predominant trend regarding digital interaction in 2021. Brands are not applying strategies to effectively interact with their customers. Most companies do not use personalization tools (94%) or a chatbot (85%) on their websites. Only 15% have websites that fully comply with the ADA regulations, adapting their website to disabilities.

On the other hand, nearly a quarter (22%) do not display their social media channels on the web. Additionally, the majority of Global 300 CEOs (94%) are not active on social media . “The digital inflection caused by the pandemic is here to stay,” he saysChris Lewis, CEO and Founder of TEAM LEWIS . “The results of the study underscore the impact that uncertainty has on even the world’s most successful companies.” COVID-19 has altered the way consumers interact with brands. Organizations that deliver seamless, personalized experiences will continue to rank among the best in the world.”

Personalization Tools Are B2C Companies

Social media activity from CEOs around the world has seen minimal growth from last year.
Only 40% of CEOs have a presence on social media , and of these, only 17% actively post company-related information. Relations with the media seem correct “on paper” , but the results offer a different version. Compared to 2020, there are more companies that have suffered a reputation crisis in the last 12 months.

Almost a quarter of CEOs worldwide have not given interviews to the media in the last 90 days.
The majority of corporate websites do not meet the requirements of the ADA regulations , and only 15% fully comply. Companies are far from optimal standards in terms of user experience , since almost 45% do not use video resources on their websites. 40% of the companies analyzed do not mention their corporate values ​​in any section of their website and approximately 20% do not refer to current cultural issues.

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