We can create a campaign to attract them again by showing them new products and launches that we have made. Similarly. we can create a campaign specifically aimed at those subscribers who have not opened any of our emails for a long time. allowing them to confirm whether or not they wish to continue being part of our list of subscribers and receive information or otherwise allow them to they drop out. Other considerations to keep in mind when doing email marketing for e-commerce The above are some common ways we can use email marketing and advanced automation and integration features with e-commerce platforms to achieve better results in terms of sales and customer loyalty for our store.

However. bearing in mind that this type of tool we are referring to allows us to define other events than those we have mentioned so that once they occur. a series of responses are sent (such as sending an email with a coupon to contacts on their birthday. or a series of mailings only to those contacts who have clicked on a certain link within an email). the possibilities we have of taking advantage of these features are many. and even more so if we consider that these platforms offer advanced segmentation options. Now. if there is something important that we must keep in mind when evaluating the performance of our campaigns and see. above all. if they are helping us to have a favorable impact on sales.

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It is to constantly analyze the statistics Qatar whatsapp number list by these tools and do tests that help us determine what works best. taking advantage of the fact that several of these include features to do A/B tests . In conclusion To achieve good results when doing e-mail marketing for an e-commerce site and ensure that the shipments we make have a favorable impact on sales. things like being able to automate various tasks and connect or integrate both e-mail platforms with each other marketing and e-commerce are essential in achieving this goal. According to a 2017 comScore study. “what we consume the most is news and information and we are one of the regions in the world with the highest growth in web penetration (55%)”.

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A figure to take into account for the growth of the different businesses and to see in the web page an important potential as a showcase to attract new prospects through relevant information. That same study maintains that “ 340 million mobile users in Latin America enter web pages ”. a compelling reason to understand that your business page is the gateway to different customers and. therefore. to new sales. Another BBVA report reveals that digitized SMEs grow 9% faster; sell 7% more; generate 9% more income; they reduce their costs by 5% and increase their productivity by 16%.

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More reasons to have a digital presence and maximize the different media such as your website. Now. what should that page have in order for you to convert prospects into actual customers? Here are some tips to achieve it: 1 Organize the marketing and sales departmentso that it is prepared and does a good follow-up of the contacts that arrive through your website. According to the Aberdeen consultancy. companies that achieve this see their revenues increase by up to 20%. Start by establishing simple aspects such as: what is a qualified prospect for my company?. what type of contacts should the sales area receive?. what activities can we automate?

Have a good landing page or landing page that allows you to attract new customers. This landing can be in a banner. In an email or in one of your social networks and direct to the page. Do not forget that before implementing it you must be clear. About its objective and the audience you want to address. According to Jesús Álvarez. Vice President of Innovation and Proprietary Media at Publish and Gurú ( See Video Transform Leads into Sales ) . For your landing page to convert. it must provide the necessary information. Engage with your content; facilitate conversion with friendly forms. Guaranteeing the privacy of the data provided. and have a very good design and. at the same time.

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