Building the digital presence is an important process that requires the consolidation of several tools. If you’re doing your homework online. linking this information to your website is a must. In this way. you will develop an online community and have visitors and customers much more involved with your brand. 6. Lead Generation Tools Post pages are optimized with innovative tools to increase lead generation. There are two in particular that are looking to increase the number of leads in their database: Engage: consists of floating buttons that invite the person to generate a contact at different times of the navigation process on your website.

Action pop-up: it is a lightbox that is displayed before the visitor closes the browser or goes to another page. with the aim of entering their data for future contact or maturation. After seeing these benefits. it is important to state that you must be the protagonist of your online image. You must have complete autonomy when handling your products. How many has it not happened to them that they buy a web page with an agency and then they cannot make changes to it because they did not give them access to their content manager? Because of that they have to sit back and wait for someone to answer them and be willing to make any simple changes they need.

Keeping In Mind Special

It doesn’t matter if they are small changes: a Usa whatsapp number list number. an image. requesting some statistical data… all the information is out of your hands. 7. Change your page content anytime you want All our pages have a content manager. which you can use whenever you need it. You can edit texts. images and colors as many times as you need and at no additional cost. 8. Your statistics available 24/7 If you have an urgent meeting or presentation and need your Page insights. Publish Business Manager will help you see the data you need. Keeping an eye on your website data is critical. That is why in this blog we never tire of repeating it: what is not measured does not exist.

Usa whatsapp number list

CRM online when you need it Your company will have online access. through the content manager. to all the information corresponding to your CRM. as many times as you want. at no additional cost. Manage your customer databases. contact forms. schedules and more. A complete customer management system. easy to use. that will help you get the best results. 10. Manage your own brand blog el blog.pngYou will have all the functionalities of a content manager at your fingertips: write articles. update information. receive comments. etc. Develop valuable content to captivate your future customers and generate a stronger and lasting relationship with them.

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Therefore, with Publish you have an entire digital ecosystem at your fingertips; the tools and functionalities of our products are design to grow your business. If you haven’t got the most out of your website with Publish yet. don’t let any more time pass. Contact your advisor to train you and start moving your cash register. ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) or Zero Moment of Truth is a term introduced by Google to identify the actions that buyers take before deciding to buy a product or service. These actions focus on researching features. ratings. prices. comments. specialized reviews. suppliers. videos. in short. all the information related to the product or service that is being purchased.

This pre-purchase research is done. for the most part. online and is determine by the buyer. It is he who defines what he is looking for. since he is no longer a passive receiver waiting to receive information; he now he is fully active and decisive. THE ZMOT constitutes an important change in traditional marketing . The one that studied three basic steps in the purchase process. Stimulus. purchase and experience. Since it now appears as a new step located between the stimulus and the purchase. In the specific case of Colombia. 81% of those who browse the internet accepted that their purchase. Decision was impact by their previous search on the web.

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