The Core Web Vitals, together with four other factors, make up the signals that Google uses to evaluate the user experience:

For now, Google has reported that the Page Experience Update will only affect mobile rankings. Therefore, it will only have an impact on mobile traffic. What are Core Web Vitals? Core Web Vitals as a Google initiative, was born from the need to provide a unified method to developers and webmasters, which would allow them to easily detect UX and WPO problems on a website.

Where Does Google Get These Metrics From?

In this sense, Google has pointed out three indicators that it considers essential to provide a good user experience. These three metrics are focused on measuring the time it takes to load a website, the speed of interaction with the user and how long are korean phone numbers visual stability. Google obtains this data from the navigation of real users. That is, it uses data from your Chrome browser and stores it anonymously in your Chrome User Experience Report.

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The metrics will be affect by the type of device and network connection the users have. In other words, users who have fast browsing will perceive the metrics in a different way than another user who does not have a good network connection and/or whose mobile device is an old model. Google calculates each metric encompassing 75% of users.

Google Obtains Data from All Users Who Access Each Url on The Web

We must take into account the fluctuations in the perception of users, depending on their residence. Core Web Vitals are collect segment by the device. Google calculates mobile (including AMP) and desktop metrics separately.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The Largest Contentful Paint metric measures the time it takes for the largest content to render on-screen (above the fold). Indicates the moment in which the user sees something relevant on the screen (without scrolling) Server response time is included in the measurement The LCP can correspond to an image, text or video.

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