It has no meaning. What will the director say Will he talk about love about death about families I can name you directors who have done it too. The subject is the way the subject is the new as an artistic presence not as a finding. Unfortunately we live in an era where the discovery is applauded. DL I understand and the next question is relevant and perhaps a bit more difficult. What is art after all What is the secret and dark motive that drives man to seek expressions in forms that are at their core false essences. A scenario is a false invented story. And possibly a painting a song.

All art forms have

A concept of illusion within them. PR The question is unanswerable. But I like questions that have no answers because they are the most E-Commerce Photo Editing Service interesting. That is the answers to the most important things are found in the thinking that everyone does around them. So we can give millions of answers about what is art and it will always remain unanswered. But we each of us whether we make art or see art must have our own answer within us. Let’s say among the various things that have been said I accept spirituality. Be careful I don’t want you to misunderstand and say he is a Christian. When I say spirituality I mean something much broader than an applied version of spirituality.

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What do we do when

We photograph the canyon or a woman or a man or a child We try to bring out or give spirituality to the materiality of the senses. We perceive the world through our senses this is the tool we have and we discover intuit or want to believe that Singapore Lead there is a spirituality that our work will help bring forth. This is creation. And apparently it is a kind of competition of God’s great creation. In other words we also want to be creators. We believed that we are in his image and likeness and we want to be creators. Don’t scare us that we are humble creators. One of the problems of our time and I’m talking about our very young age you know when we say era we mean the twenty years we live while our era is a century. The past century was one of the most powerful spiritually. But we are now living in I hope a little break a nonspiritual age.

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