If you have no alternative to achieve a goal, you are dealing with a fact. Choose another target. If you only have one alternative to achieve a goal, then you have a problem. All your eggs are in one basket. If you have two alternatives to achieve a goal, you are in a dilemma. Only with three alternatives or more do you have a feasible strategic plan. The reason companies like Google and Microsoft often and consistently take over other companies is that they keep developing new options to achieve their goals. 4. Become excellent at strategic stopping Your ability to stop existing activities that are no longer helping you achieve your goals is equal to your ability to achieve new goals.

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An important part of a strategy execution plan is to define what you are not going to do anymore. Apply the zero-thinking technique with your team to find projects and activities that you can stop strategically: Based on what I now know, which Menu Dominican Republic Phone Number that I still do now, would I not start if I could do it all over again? 5. Think big If you decide to put your energy, time and money into achieving new goals, make sure those goals are ambitious and inspiring. What goals would you dare to set as a team if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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Be clear about the boundaries within which you must continue to operate as a team Implicit boundaries are, for example, safety or operating within the law. Examples of explicit limits are cash flow or project budget. To find these boundaries, ask your team: We are free to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals, provided… 7. Make a don’t-to-do list Sometimes a negative description is the best way to properly describe a goal: the best definition of darkness is the lack of light. Make it clear together with your team what the goal is not. With this list in hand, you can make many decisions on autopilot. This means you can put the maximum time and energy into the critical decisions that really matter. 8. Apply the Michelangelo

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