In World Cups. in the 1986 Mexico championship they reached the semifinals. With a generation of young players. The Belgian team has positioned itself as one of the best 10 teams according to the FIFA ranking; however. Consummating a victory against the biggest winner of this contest is no small thing. Which would project its media level. as well as other factors such as the value of its players. the national team brand and even the country brand. Which can become attractive given the increase in press reports. This Friday the first duel of the quarterfinals of the 2018 Russian World Cup took place between the teams of France and Uruguay. Which ended in favor of the Europeans with a final score of two goals against zero.

Within the meeting. the performances of Antoine Griezmann . Kylian Mbappé . as well as Hugo Lloris for almost swallowing a dragonfly were highlighted. With what the French showed on the pitch against one of the most uncomfortable teams in the tournament. They acquired the nickname of candidate to lift the World Cup on July 15. However. within the crossover in the semifinals. the Gauls await the winner of the match between Brazil and Belgium that will be played this Friday afternoon. Likewise. within the conversation on social networks. it stands out. In addition to the quality of the team. the fact that it is the executioner of the South American teams. In the group stage it beat Peru . dispatched Argentina in the round of 16. While that the Uruguayans were eliminated in the round of 16.

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For its part. the reception of social  Canada whatsapp number list the defeated team was positive due to the dedication with which the South American team fought until the end. In this way. only one team from CONMEBOL remains in competition. So if it is eliminated. The adage that Europe is for Europeans will be fulfilled. If it handles financial predictions like football predictions. Swiss investment company UBS Group AG will have trouble landing clients in the future. It is that the 10.000 simulations that he ran to be able to statistically know who would win in Russia 2018 were not enough. The result is in sight. because according to their data. The already eliminated Germany was going to be the champion.


UBS Group AG ‘s simulation . made last May. was based on several variables. One of which was the Elo rating of each team. which considers the difficulty of the opponent and the context of the game. among other things. The cover of the May 2018 report. Before the World Cup. The full report. in PDF. The predictions also took into account the results obtained by each team in the qualification phase for Russia. as well as in previous tournaments. A statistical model was then calibrated with the results of the previous five tournaments to calculate the most likely outcome in the World Cup matches. The result? Four-time World Cup winner and 2014 champion Germany came top of the predictions after 10.000 simulations. UBS’s mathematical model. Similar to that used in finance. Suggested that Toni Kroos ‘ selection had a 24% chance of winning.

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The calculation surely did not take into account that Mexico would defeat Germany in their debut and that South Korea would beat them again in the group stage. The first positions of the prediction using mathematical models of finance. Mexico was in 11th place with the greatest possibilities with 17.2%. Of the first 6. 4 are still in the race before playing the quarterfinals. Source: USB. Then there was Brazil . to which he attributed a 19.8% chance of victory (for now. Brazil is still in the race). Spain was third. with a 16.1% chance of winning (they passed the first stage. But fell in the round of 16 to local Russia). Russia . for example. Even as hosts. has less than a 2% chance of reaching and winning the final. According to simulations by UBS.

The model based on the 10.000 simulations recommended watching these five group stage games. During the last month. the attention of people in Mexico focused on the two key issues that. due to their relevance. captured the interest of social network users before they were held. we refer to the presidential elections in Mexico. As well such as the participation of the national representative inRussia 2018. This was demonstrated by the information provided by Consulta Mitofsky . which indicated that in the period between June 4 and June 2. where in addition to political and sports issues; the issue of aluminum and steel tariffs. the eruption of the Guatemalan volcano as well as the separation of families by the Donald Trump administration . However. once the participation of the tricolor team in Russia began

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