Spotify’s audience profile is younger than that of radio or television users. Specifically, the subset of 24 to 34 year olds represents a higher percentage of the audience than any other medium. This gives advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a younger target.

It has less competition for consumption time slots
On the other hand, it is common for television to be more consumed at night and radio in the morning. Listening to Spotify, meanwhile, tends to happen in the mid-morning and afternoon, when the presence of traditional media outlets is scarcer. This means that ads on this platform have less competition to grab the attention of the audience. “With Spotify, what happens is that it is consume in those off-peak moments in the middle of the day. So the ads arrive at a time of low saturation and, therefore, have a great impact,” said Javier Arenas , creative director and founding partner of The Department.

Advertising on Spotify Performs Better on Key Metrics

Spotify outperformed TV and radio when asked which medium connects better with a younger audience and which has better personalization. Specifically, the Portugal WhatsApp Number List perceive them as less annoying and understand that they are served in a balanced way, without saturating.

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In addition, there was a high level of recollection of the creatives by those exposed to the BBVA campaign. “44% of the people impact by the campaign on Spotify recalled having heard or seen any of the ads, surpassing digital video (37%) and in line with what was obtained with respect to TV (43%)”, González continues.

A direct association with positive attributes
Research shows that those exposed to the campaign have a more positive perception of the bank . Thus, they perceive that it is more “modern”, “good” and “for people like me”, for example.

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