A variety of shipping methods is always the best strategy to reduce abandoned cart. The client should never be pushed for one option or another, he should be the one to choose. To achieve something like this, you must have several carriers in your shipping solutions, because, after all, they will be the ones in charge of making it possible.

Also, if you only work with a single carrier, it is very possible that your shipments to certain destinations will be more expensive or with a longer transit time than if you have several carriers with which to manage your shipments.

A Very Good Way to Do This Is by Working with A Tool Like Outvio

The solution to this problem is to expand your network of carriers and offer the buyer a greater variety of shipping methods. The schools email address list customer will appreciate being able to choose between home delivery, store pick-up, at the carrier’s office or at a pick-up point.

Email Database

This software allows you to manage many of the key post-sale processes. From integrating different carriers in the same interface so that you or your client. Can choose the most suitable shipping method. To automate the sending of notification emails to your clients during the delivery process, as well as managing returns automatically. This application also offers many other essential after-sales services if you want to scale your eCommerce quickly and without complications.

Offer Peace of Mind in The Payment Process

It does not matter if the customer makes his payment by card, bank transfer or cash on delivery. Making the buyer feel safe at the time of payment is a fundamental psychological. Addition that will help you substantially increase the conversion of your online store. And it is that people do not usually buy in eCommerce of dubious reputation.

It is also important that you are honest with the price. Quality of the product, since, for some reason, many online stores tend to hide costs, usually shipping or taxes, with the fictitious idea that the buyer will not notice it.

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