Alkemy Iberia , a consulting firm specializing in the evolution of the digital business model of large and medium-sized companies and listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (ALK), has chosen Adform Flow as the Adtech platform for the activation, measurement, optimization and customization of the digital activity of your customers.

Make It Easy for Marketers to Plan, Buy and Activate Media

Adform FLOW has everything you need in one easy-to-use platform: DSP, DMP, SSP, DCO and ad server. Through an exceptional user experience and better human/machine collaboration. Adform FLOW provides augmented intelligence to Austria WhatsApp Number List amplify business results and also gives marketers greater control over their own data. It is configurable, transparent and secure, which allows fluid management of campaigns and transactions with all types of IDs without prejudice to one or the other.

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Adform is the first integrated Adtech platform to work with first-party cookies. The solution is based solely on the IDs. Generated by the websites that consumers visit and consent to, and therefore the use of third-party cookies is not necessary.

Alkemy Iberia Has Chosen Our Adform Flow Platform

To manage the activity of their digital campaigns. It is an honor for us to have their trust and we will work hand in hand with them. So that this relationship is fruitful and lasting. We are convinced that Adform’s independent. And transparent positioning, together with its ability to work in cookieless environments. Will be key points that will help make the relationship not only long-lasting. But also successful ”, details Sergio Martín, Country Manager of Adform in Spain.

According to Manuel Mercader, Partner of Alkemy Iberia, “we have been taking firm and solid steps to lead the Martech environment. And be able to offer solutions that, based on technology and data, can make the best activation of digital strategies. To this end, Adform is the ideal technological partner, with whom we will continue to advance and jointly develop innovative solutions.”

In conclusion, With its latest advertising solutions. The multinational Adform confirms to advertisers that it is capable of creating future-proof local solutions in collaboration with the sector. A collaboration that will strengthen the ability to link IDs and link them in a scalable way. Which will be a prerequisite for success in the advertising market of the future.

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