because, for the sake of the sacred criterion of transparency Ukraine WhatsApp Number List and objectivity, the entire scientific community must know the parameters basic rules that govern Ukraine WhatsApp Number List the evaluation of the manuscripts and the criteria that determine the selection of one over the other, in an always high competitiveness for which, consequently, the authors demand reliability in the process. Ukraine WhatsApp Number List The regulations for reviewers guarantee the application of universal and uniform criteria for all reviewers who endorse reviews adjusted to criteria and not to discretion, regardless of the contextual variations that in Social Sciences are Ukraine WhatsApp Number List so transcendental. High-level journals also, by virtue of that transparency.

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and objectivity, which should be their north and their beacon, Ukraine WhatsApp Number List publish the complete list of all their reviewers, their templates and affiliations, so that their number and curriculum, as well as the diversity of institutions, countries … they are a first level anti-inbreeding Ukraine WhatsApp Number List guarantee and an efficient proof of the publication’s prestige. “Ukraine WhatsApp Number List ” currently has 500 reviewers from 42 countries, with the most outstanding institutions in the world on the subject. In its section “Board of Reviewers” we can see the wide and varied relationship of researchers from around the world who Ukraine WhatsApp Number List collaborate in the manuscript review processes.

Ukraine WhatsApp Number List

but also their involvement in each issue, the indications Ukraine WhatsApp Number List for reviewers (regulations), an explanatory video and also the files / protocols of the different sections that are used to review and that are for public hearing. A final recommendation for the authors! Ukraine WhatsApp Number List Knowing the review sheets, the guidelines for evaluating the manuscripts and even the list of reviewers will undoubtedly Ukraine WhatsApp Number List allow us to better adjust the format of our research to be successful in this type of high-level scientific journals that are not only Ukraine WhatsApp Number List demanding. in the content but also in the entire presentation format.

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