What do the ubiquitous Smart TVs do when no one is home to watch them? They watch television and their (electronic) eyes also receive advertisements. Thousands of advertisers tear their pockets so that their ads are seen by flesh and blood human beings on the screens of smart televisions. The problem? That in many cases the Smart TVs on which such advertisements should parade are turned off.

This Is How The “smoke Screen” Fraud Could Be Described

This is how the “SmokeScreen” fraud could be described ( roughly ) , which anchors in apps that permanently send advertising requests to “ad servers ”. These are applications that work in the background and not on the smart TVs jordan number list themselves, but on “set-top boxes” or game consoles. And they operate whether or not the TV is connected to the device they decide to get their hands on.

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«SmokeSecreen» is a kind of opaque screen that hides what happens in the background. Hides behind the black screen of a turned off television or the apparently harmless screensaver of a Smart TV. In any case, the signal that is emitted from the device reaches the “ad server” as if the user were always “always on”, as reported by Media.

The User Is Not Aware of Anything Unusual

The user is not aware of anything unusual unless he takes the trouble too carefully. Monitor the power consumption of his devices. And the advertiser pays for ads that never, ever reach the user.

According to the metrics considered by DoubleVerify, 10,000 connected television devices. (CTV) are affected by this type of fraud every day. A whopping 10 million banners and videos are served on a daily basis.

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