Advertising Editorial Unit launches YourROAD, a digital audience project that will allow advertisers to optimize their investment thanks to the synergies that the group has created between the most current technologies on the market. Thus, by planning campaigns based on highly qualified user profiles, YourROAD enables advertisers to better define their strategies and optimize their campaigns to achieve their goals.

With YourROAD

Unidad Editorial Publicidad makes available to firms the possibility of personalizing and improving the experience and perception that users have of their product. All this using a state-of-the-art technology stack made up of four partners: Permutive as DMP. Based on Edge Computing technology, which allows users to be segmented based on their Australia WhatsApp Number List interests. Meaning Cloud, powerful semantic analysis software that, using artificial intelligence, is capable of categorizing published content, and lastly, information enrichment technologies such as Zeotap and Qualifio, which allow deepening the user’s knowledge.

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The Group, with 30 million unique users, offers companies the possibility. Of drawing up a complete communication strategy since, in addition to being a product in which the target audiences. Built on a solid scientific basis, it has a renewed group of digital strategy made up of more than 100 professionals. With extensive experience in the different stages of the conversion funnel. Now, at Unidad Editorial, advertisers have the opportunity to build a relationship with their clients to accompany them from the discovery phase to the purchase phase in a path, YourROAD, built on a solid foundation of data, technology and experience.

Innovate and Transform Digital Advertising

“In our efforts to innovate and transform digital advertising and thanks to our infrastructures. The know-how of our team, as well as our technology partners. We have developed a unique audience product with great added value for our clients. Capable of adapting to their demands and to the continuous changes in the market”. In the words of Jesús Zaballa , the Group’s General Director of Advertising.

Thanks to this initiative, Unidad Editorial not only offers segmented advertising. But also allows the possibility of advertising in qualified content developed by professional journalists. And positioning itself only in content related to its own brand. In this way, the advertiser is certain that the advertisement is in one of the media. With the longest visits and ensures that the campaign complies with the strictest privacy requirements. In short, to follow the most appropriate “path” to achieve success in digital media.

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