As part of Adobe MAX 2021 , Adobe has introduced the latest feature, product, and service updates coming to Creative Cloud. Creativity and technological innovation are becoming increasingly important for companies, which is why the company has decided to bet on these fields to create more efficiently and easily.

In this way, collaborative creativity is promoted, for example. Photoshop and Illustrator also come to the web so that projects can be accessed from anywhere. With just a URL you will be able to invite anyone and comment. Reviewers do not need to download any software or have a Creative Cloud subscription for this.

Creative Cloud Spaces and Canvas

Continue in this line of promoting collaborative spaces , with shared stores. Thanks to these, all team members can access and organize french phone number files, libraries and links. In addition, the video collaboration platform Adobe joins. This allows you to collect feedback from everyone involved in a video production, from the director to the script supervisor.

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For its part, making masks will be easier in Photoshop. Using machine learning , workflows reducing them to a single click or a couple of swipes. This saves time and makes it easier for you to get an idea of ​​what you are looking for.

Optimization with Machine Learning

Landscape mixer, color transfer or harmonization are some of the other functions that have been optimized for impeccable compositions. In addition, Adobe has made one of the major feature requests come true. This way, you can copy from Illustrator and paste vector shapes, such as rectangles, polygons, circles, lines, and compound paths, into Photoshop while maintaining editable attributes such as fill, stroke, blend mode, and opacity.

Illustrator includes new enhancements, such as 3D effects and the 3D Material Library. In this update to Adobe Cloud , we have tried to boost photography, improving colors and creating more powerful and precise selections from any device. Using AI, it is now possible to edit more easily, also on the smallest screens , as a small nod to smartphones.

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