Across Srl , a rapidly expanding digital solutions company in the Spanish market, has developed innovative solutions to meet the growing need of companies to find new customers, increasing the quality of contacts and working on the optimization of current strategies.

In this way, Across qualified lead generation is especially effective because it can be adapted to any business context and any objective.

Customer Acquisition Is the Main Objective

According to Hubspot research, for 49% of businesses, the primary goal is to increase the number of acquired users. This is especially important at a time when digital marketing statistics reveal a promising scenario for any company, with percentages constantly increasing.

Across multi-channel strategies build a solid funnel, capable of guiding the user through all the planned stages. Alberto Piras, Country Manager Israel WhatsApp Number List Spain of Across, highlights the advantages: «Being able to have more points of contact, in multiple channels, allows you to reach people who are really interested with targeted and personalized communication. This is an important competitive advantage that all companies that decide to activate campaigns with us have.”

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To do this, it is obviously necessary to structure the campaigns. So that they are develope in the appropriate channels: email marketing. Native advertising and advertising on social networks in this sense are, without a doubt. The ones that pay the most and constitute the heart of multichannel strategies. across.

Sales-Oriented Advertising: Generation of Qualified Leads

The main need of those who decide to invest in advertising in 2021 is to engage. Their target audience with an effective and optimized strategy. If on the one hand you have to be more and more present. On the other you have to optimize the available budget. Across aims to build strongly sales-oriented advertising strategies. From lead generation, designed to attract large flows of constant and continuous contacts. To an increasingly high level of quality, with qualified contacts ready to be call.

Specifically, the generation of qualified leads is the most successful solution for companies, especially large and medium-sized ones. The reason is clear: the needs of companies have changed in the last year and it is increasingly necessary to optimize lead processing and conversion times.

For this reason, Across solutions are aim precisely at improving the quality of lead generation. With the support of a contact center, chatbots. Other technological tools for qualifying leads. The objective is to make the process of generating new interested contacts more efficient. Not only from the point of view of performance. But also from the point of view of investment, providing clients with lists of already interested contacts. With all the information necessary to close the sale.

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