More and more companies need professionals who know how to manage projects effectively and efficiently in agencies, advertisers, consultants, start-ups, production companies or events.

The client-agency relationship is marked by new methodologies that are already a trend in other countries. Companies have changed their rules. Now they are looking for professionals with a solid strategic, creative and innovative vision, prepared to face the changes and needs that technology is causing. For this reason, the figure of an Account Manager is becoming more and more important. That is why at Miami Ad School we launched a few years ago to create a course that can train future professionals in this area.

What Is the Role of An Account Manager?

An Account Manager is responsible for directing and managing projects in a company. It is the person who establishes the objectives and designs the tasks. Supervises the personnel, resources, deadlines and budgets for the development of a project. Its main canadian email addresses ca function is to ensure the development and implementation of brand strategies.

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What skills should you have?
The profile of an Account Manager must be a person who knows a little about everything. But who is not necessarily an expert in anything? A person with great communication, leadership, negotiation. And management skills, but above all, a curious person who likes to keep up to date with new advertising trends.

Who Is It Addressed To?

In addition, To anyone who wants to start their professional career in the world of account and project management. To professionals from the world of marketing, accounts, communication, advertising agencies, advertisers, events, audiovisual production… Who want to delve into the new skills that companies currently require.

Moreover, If you need to strengthen your strategic, leadership, negotiation, creativity, technology, management, team coordination skills , or simply want to acquire the most rigorous and effective methodology for brand building and project management: this is your program. At Miami Ad School’s Bootcamp for Account Manager, every week you will have workshops, hands-on workshops, as well as learning sessions with world leaders in marketing, strategy, creativity, advertising, innovation, and top-level advertisers.

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