Google’s dominant position in the area of online advertising. Where the Mountain View company shares the throne practically alone with Facebook has resulted in a fine of 220 million euros for the internet giant in France. The neighboring country has decided to sanction the internet giant for abusing its dominant. Position in the ad server market for website publishers and mobile apps .

Moreover, which has been accepted by the company led by Sundar Pichai , takes root in a complaint filed in 2019 by News Corp , by the editor of the newspaper Le Figaro and by the group of Belgian origin Rossel La Voix.

Google Has Not Thrown Balls out

After that,  And has accepted the facts raised by the French antitrust authority. In addition, it has promised to implement a series of changes in the Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List operation of its advertising service for publishers DFP and its AdX sales platform, which is in charge of carrying out the auction process.

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France hopes that the sanction will translate into a fairer competitive environment in the field of online advertising. “The decision to sanction Google has a very special meaning because it is the first decision in the world that investigates complex algorithmic processes”. Underlines Isabelle de Silva, president of the French Competition Authority.

In conclusion, An investigation by the French Competition Authority revealed. That Google had leveraged its considerable dominance of web and app. Ad servers to engage in practices that ultimately penalized competition in the burgeoning mobile market Online advertising. Above all, Through such practices, the investigation maintains, Google only strengthened its dominant position in this field of activity. ” The sanction will restore equal conditions for all players. And the ability of publishers to make the most of their advertising space,” emphasizes De Silva.

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