The WPT circuit is not the only one that is focusing on digital marketing. The World Series of Poker, without a doubt the most important poker event in the world, made changes to its calendar for this year 2021. On the one hand, it introduced the possibility for players to get their passes to live events through online qualifiers.

On the other, it recovered the headquarters of the Czech Republic for its events. Something that is very important since the situation of the Czech country is key as it is located in the heart of Europe; and on the other hand he added a new tournament for his series in which members of the poker hall of fame would participate.

The Wsop Had Been a Trend This Year

In both cases, there will be stages that will have to be played online and for which the association is making a big promotion. The WSOP had been a trend this year due to the requirement to have a vaccination certificate in order to participate in its indian phone no live events, something that was highly criticized and that had made it lose some popularity. The popularity that he is now trying to recover.

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And in Spain the National Poker Circuit has not been very far from these claims. More active than ever on social networks. He has added the rule established in the pandemic of getting tickets to big tournaments through online championships.

Online Campaigns Are Repeated

Although it has had to reduce the stages of the new year. Something that the venues that were relegated did not like too much. Online campaigns are repeated and at the moment they are on their way to having an effect.

Necessary changes that many circuits and many companies dedicated to this sector. Are carrying out, and that just as they have their advantages, they also have their drawbacks. But all of them want to prioritize something that is the triumph of their own marketing.

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