Currently, Amazon is also benefiting from the new privacy policy introduced by Apple in iOS last June. Since the entry into force of this privacy policy, iPhone users have the power to decide for themselves whether or not the apps installed on their device can track their behavior for advertising purposes.

Facebook has protested extraordinarily vociferously against this new privacy policy , which inevitably undermines the effectiveness of its advertising. Not in vain, in the United States, users say “I do” to “tracking” only in 25% of cases, according to a recent study by Branch.

Why Some Advertisers Are Already Withdrawing Their Budgets

Perhaps that is why some advertisers are already withdrawing their budgets from Facebook to entrust them to Amazon since the phone number details with name USA update in the privacy policy in iOS. Less alarmed (at least publicly) has been Google about Apple’s new privacy policy.

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However, the Mountain View company has to fear Amazon in another no less sensitive segment: search. According to various reports, 63% of online shoppers visit Amazon with the ultimate goal of searching for new products. And as a result, Google loses quite a few “first-party” data to Amazon.

Both Facebook and Google Are Trying to Bridge the Gap

Between simply clicking on an ad and completing a purchase. Both companies are working with software providers like Shopify. To create closed ecosystems where checkout takes place on their own platforms. The problem? That Amazon has already had that ecosystem for years.

It should also be noted that on Twitch and Prime Video Amazon is already betting on personalized advertising. Amazon may have reached its zenith as a retailer, but as a media company, the American multinational has a prosperous future ahead of it thanks to its booming advertising business.

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