Influencer marketing has become one of the main banners of advertising strategies. According to Infoadex , only in Spain, it generate more than 75 million euros in 2020.

The forecasts for this year and the next are just as favorable and it is estimated that this year the investment in the sector will move around 150 million euros. In fact, experts conclude that in 2024 it could have reached 240 million euros. With this background, Nielsen has developed InfluenceScope, a tool that brings together four metrics that brands should keep in mind to ensure that their influencer campaign is successful.

What led the company to bring this project to life was a study they did. This concluded that the campaigns developed by influential people in social networks are up to four times more remembered by the audience. In addition, they manage to increase the purchase consideration of users by up to 17 points, compared to users who are not exposed to this type of advertising. To do this, we must identify the most suitable influencer, determine what type of content you want to make and, of course, measure the return on investment.

What Is Influence Scope Like?

All this led Nielsen to bring InfluenceScope to Spain. It aims to become a solution to obtain a global vision of campaigns with influencers from the same platform. It has a database of more than 96 million influencers. These include athletes, celebrities, gamers or micro -influencers present on social platforms.

In addition, It is based on these four key factors , which are the basis for shooting ROI: Define a fixed budget from the beginning of the campaign. Create content maroc phone number and develop strategies always taking into account market data. Each action must allow to measure the return on investment. It must be possible to follow the actions and their routes from the same platform that indicates the real coverage.

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In conclusion, We are very proud to announce the arrival in Spain of one of our star tools, InfluenceScope. A revolution in influencer marketing that we are implementing in more. More countries” says Maira Barcellos , director at Nielsen Media for Spain and Portugal.

“Given the rise of social networks as a means to reach potential consumers. We believe that a real analysis of a medium as complex as social media is necessary “, he continues explaining.

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