During the celebration of “AI Day” yesterday, the company led by Elon Musk officially presented. Tesla Bot, is a humanoid robot that houses the same autonomous driving technology. As the cars of the American company. Provided with an extremely disturbing appearance. The robot somehow mimics a faceless human being, Tesla Bot displays, however, a most harmless behavior.

Tesla’s New Robotic Creature

And it is that Tesla’s new robotic creature has been specifically designe so that humans can flee from him (in case he wanted to rebel against them). Tesla Bot weighs just 56 kilos and moves at a speed of just 8 kilometers per hour (so he could be easily reduced by humans in the unlikely event of becoming an enemy like in the movies). Despite the free nigerian email database fact that its absence of a face makes it seem like a threatening boat, the truth is that it is designed to be nice. Tesla Bot houses a screen in its head capable of showing different faces (all friendly).

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The goal is that Tesla Bot use as an (optional) replacement for humans. In the execution of dangerous, repetitive or simply boring tasks. Elon Musk is convinced that in the future work of a physical nature will be optional thanks to robots that will take on the toughest and most tiring tasks.

Which Is Based on The Artificial Intelligence

In order to adequately undertake this type of task. Tesla Bot can lift 70 kilos from the ground and carry objects of up to 20 kilos. The robot also has 40 electromechanical actuators distributed throughout the body to execute the relevant movements. Inside, the android also houses eight cameras capable of detecting. Identifying objects that rely on the same technology as Tesla cars.

Tesla Bot was born simply “because we had the necessary parts. So I guess we should probably do it,” explains Musk. Tesla CEO says it’s better to be a pioneer. And ensure the technology is truly safe before others take the lead.

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