Now he will develop his potential in Italy. he will seek to achieve the Cup for the squad and will continue until he reaches the Champions League. With a view to becoming the best in his industry. As he could well retire as a player who achieves everything whatever team he leads . In this sense. he also knew how to add to his image the well-known trend of superheroes. With the animated character in the series “Striker Force 7” . a project where he collaborates with the production company Graphic India and the digital marketing agency VMS Communications . reaction to the crisis. In full fever for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo accepted the payment of a fine of 18.8 million euros. And a sentence of two years in prison determined by the State Attorney.

With this. the defender contained a crisis for his brand and now very few remember this event. So he taught how to deal with a problem of this magnitude. Without the negative part hurting his image. SocialMarketing. The merengue has launched endless actions on social networks in search of support for Syrian children. For example. Among others that result in one of the most efficient strategies. Real Madrid confirms that its greatest marketing asset in terms of players is left out of the club: Cristiano Ronaldo will play for another team starting next season. It seems like one more version of the classic ‘chronicle of an announced departure’. Alluding to the work of Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez and which is usually used to refer to an almost inevitable fact that is widely rumored.

New Internal Engraving

“Real Madrid CF announces that. In response Bulgaria whatsapp number list  the will and request expressed by the player Cristiano Ronaldo. He has agreed to transfer him to Juventus FC.” the Spanish club said in a statement. And. it is that the separation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid was anticipated from the Champions League final. Something that analysts pointed out as recurring every end of the season to negotiate a better contract. but on this occasion it seemed that it would materialize . So it was. for weeks. even in the 2018 Russia World Cup there was talk that the only team that the Spanish club would allow to go – among those who were interested – would be Juventus Turin . Who had already made a formal proposal. An agreement was reached and. According to ‘The White House’. the Italian club will be.


According to various Spanish media. The agreement for the Portuguese to reach Juve is 105 million euros. far from the termination clause that Ronaldo had (more than a billion euros) but still becomes the signing most expensive in the history of the bianconeri. What Real Madrid wins or loses Without a doubt. Cristiano Ronaldo will be a sensitive loss for the white club. Not only because he is their top scorer with 451 goals in 438 games . More than one goal per game (almost no one in the world). or because he has won 4 Champions League (it comes from a three-time championship). but because it is its main marketing asset in terms of players; advertising. activations. Advertising and public relations events and. above all. the sale of millions of jerseys.

In The Ball Chamber

So why let it out? Simple. analysts refer to this attitude as unsustainable. The Portuguese wanted an even bigger contract but. Due to his age (they allude) it would be very difficult for the president of the club Florentino Pérez to give in. so they will seek to compensate for this weight of marketing with another ‘bomb’ contract . Not only because he enters the 105 million euros. He frees himself from a very high salary and extra expenses. Not to mention the prominence and weight of him inside the locker room. He also wins because he goes to Juventus. Which although he is one of the greats in Europe. from Madrid they do not see him as a threat to the Champions Legue (they could be in for a surprise); I wouldn’t let him go to Manchester United or PSG.

What about Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo is leaving for simple reasons. He wants to continue being the protagonist. the leader and the top figure. Something that was no longer going to be guaranteed at Real Madrid -not because he isn’t. but because of the conflict of egos-. He is released or. at least. away from the conflict with the Spanish Treasury with which he has a pre-agreement and of which he complained he never received support from the club to resolve it. In addition. he will earn more. There is talk of 30 million euros per year. He will be Juventus’ top figure for at least a couple of years. or whatever he and his physical ability decide. He will continue to sell millions of shirts and media exposure.

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