In a world overpopulated by digital promotion and marketing strategies, every day it becomes more difficult to achieve a campaign that is classified as successful. However, black swans are still appearing that leave industry experts transfixed by surprise. From March 16 to 21, the San Saru jewelry brand has celebrated the San Saru Days, an unprecedented marketing action that has already prepared its second edition.

San Saru Hits the Mark with Its Marketing Strategy

San Saru is an online jewelry store with a 925 Sterling Silver soul. The delicacy of its pieces is widely recognized in the jewelry sector, offering unique pieces with a lot of personalities. But the competition in this market is growing more and more, and Slovenia B2B list daring and effective promotional actions are required, bets that can be all or nothing for the business. Fortunately, the San Saru Days campaign has hit the nail on the head and has turned out to be a complete success.

Email Database

It is the first time in history and throughout the world that San Saru Days have been celebrated. It was from March 16 to 21 when San Saru offered a 20% discount to all its customers and a special gift for the first 5,000 orders.

Objectives and Results

The San Saru team is clear about how important it is to reward its most loyal consumers. And to do this, carrying out a powerful and effective marketing campaign is the best option. The main objective is to attract new customers and retain recurring ones with promotional actions. Of course, the idea behind this strategy is to increase sales and make the brand visible.

In short, the fundamental objectives of the campaign are to satisfy the requests of the community. That follows sansarushop with a surprising discount. And to capture the attention of customers of these products. But who do not know or are not followers of the brand.

In relation to the strategy to give visibility to the brand. Customers are ask to share their experiences on social networks. In order to stimulate the interest of other potential consumers. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the detail of the gift keychain that is offer for each purchase. While supplies last, a resource for offline visibility that always offers good results.

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