different roles and workloads in the development Senegal Email List of the article. Therefore, in this system, the positions reflect the role of each of the authors and the order of their involvement in the Senegal Email List work : First author : It is the main author of the document, usually the one who has had the idea and developed it in all phases of the document, the one who has coordinated the work of the Senegal Email List rest of the authors and is usually also the one who has done the complete writing of the document. document, adapting the contributions of the rest. Corresponding author . It is the author responsible for sending the manuscript and Senegal Email List communication with the journal or the chosen communication medium during the review process,

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usually coinciding with the first author. Last author . Senegal Email List Sometimes the last author is the most established scientist in the group , project director, director of the first author’s thesis, etc. His work is that of final reviewer before sending the manuscript, normally the Senegal Email List work that is proposed is that of a project led by him. Other authors . According to the involvement they have had at work, those who Senegal Email List have worked the most or performed substantial functions appear first. It would be a simplicity to quantify the work according to the number of hours dedicated (as utopian socialists do) without taking into account Senegal Email List aspects such as complexity or creativity. Punctual collaborators .

Senegal Email List

You can include in the “Acknowledgments” section those Senegal Email List people who have collaborated in isolated and specific aspects of the research without having been involved in the whole of the research or the writing of the manuscript, especially if their collaboration was paid. Senegal Email List Very important, the order of the authors is established at the time the work and its load are planned and Senegal Email List of course responds to it. If the workload varied, it would be honest that the order was altered to favor those who in the middle of the work have assumed a greater task. Robinson-García, N., & Senegal Email List , CB (2018). Does it make sense to limit scientific co-authorship? There is no inflation of authors in Social

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