This is an essential space since academic review is acquiring Bahamas Email List considerable value, both for the reviewer and scientific publications, and it is necessary to make it visible and value it. Another strategic portal for the visibility of research results is Scopus, which automatically generates a personal space for all those who have published in some of the almost Bahamas Email List journals that are housed in this database. Its number of publications, its citations, its H index, even graphs illustrating the progression of production and its impact are collected in a histogram. Like Bahamas Email List , for researchers who direct their scientific production towards journals of high international projection – fortunately more and more -,

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this website, freely accessible through Scopus Preview (Bahamas Email List ), is a Privileged space to have an external auditable curriculum, an image of the progression of a researcher. Third, Google, the world’s most important repository of information and scientific Bahamas Email List literature, also has a personal space option for Gmail users who have registered. In Google Scholar Metrics , researchers can have an active repository of their production (not only of articles, but also of books, chapters, communications and other supports of academic literature), with information of the Bahamas Email List citations of their contributions and their co-authors. Especially significant is

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the summary table with the total citations, those of the last five years, with their Bahamas Email List corresponding H-index and H-5-index, in addition to the i10 index (works with more than 10 citations) and a complete histogram of the impact on the entire academic life of the researcher. In sum, Bahamas Email List these three tools generate complete visibility of the scientific production and the impact of researchers, being key tools to know their curriculum, in terms of volume and impact on the community (measured in citations), as well as the progression of their academic life Bahamas Email List to respond to the requirements of the reviewers Angel Hernando | June 21 2021

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