The composition of the cover letter will depend, ultimately, on the Sri Lanka Email Database publication or delivery standards established by the journal. Some stipulate indications or requirements for its preparation. The main thing, like any letter, is that it is addressed to the editor or editors by name, bears the date it is sent and the name of the journal to which it is addressed. The body of the letter Sri Lanka Email Database must contain the most detailed and convincing information that can be elaborated, to anticipate to the editor or editors who receive the work, the benefits of it. This requirement usually serves the editorial team to make a first Sri Lanka Email Database estimate of the interest and suitability of the article to the thematic field of the journal .

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It also gives an idea of ​​the rigor of the author or authors who Sri Lanka Email Database subscribe it insofar as they know the regulations and standards of a scientific publication. Sri Lanka Email Database Finally, it implies a commitment on their part when it comes to exposing the relevance and timeliness of the manuscript Sri Lanka Email Database as a significant contribution to knowledge . In the cover letter it should be clear: The title of the manuscript and the type, depending on the type accepted by the selected journal. The justification and object of the Sri Lanka Email Database investigation that is presented. The contribution that the study implies and / or the main findings.

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The interest of the study with a view to its dissemination among the Sri Lanka Email Database scientific community and potential readers. In relation to the impact of the papers, many journals value this aspect quite a lot when deciding whether to accept a manuscript. For this reason, it is important to check what the publication’s quality, impact and visibility policies are and to establish in the text of the letter to Sri Lanka Email Database what extent the article would contribute to this. The letter should include the names of the authors of the manuscript and their roles. And, finally, in the case of the presentation of a scientific text, our letter must comply with the Sri Lanka Email Database parameters of idiomatic and stylistic correction that anticipate the good writing

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