Some journals usually request that articles go through – prior to their Japan Phone Number List presentation – a review process by an external agent, generally a payment service, so that with the report of changes and authorization, it is published. Post-publication (subsequent review): More than a review Japan Phone Number List process (which is understood to be prior to publication), it is a system in which journals or platforms allow other experts to comment on the published article. Cascading (cascading): It happens when a manuscript is rejected by a journal, either because the subject is not adapted or because it is not of interest to its readers. In this Japan Phone Number List case, the journal, with prior authorization from the authors, sends the article,

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together with the revisions made, to another journal -generally from the Japan Phone Number List same publisher or consortium- to continue with the process. Although most of the aforementioned typologies are not usually common, especially in Social Sciences journals, the first two (single and Japan Phone Number List double blind) are the ones that we will undoubtedly find more frequently. Single-blind peer review The single-blind peer review is a system in which the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers, but the reviewers do know the Japan Phone Number List authors. This typology, despite not being very common in Social Sciences journals,

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is applied in other branches of knowledge. For example, the Japan Phone Number List publisher Nature – one of the most prestigious in the world – uses it as the default option. This type of review has not been immune to criticism, since it is understood that by affecting the Japan Phone Number List anonymization of the authors, the reviewers may operate with biases -for better or for worse- or commit unethical practices. However, it also has its defenders, who argue among its advantages: Greater ability to identify, by reviewers, conflicts Japan Phone Number List of interest (especially necessary in medical, pharmacy or economic journals,

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