Identify your resources, capabilities and limitations : Not all methods are the same. Each one will require a different dedication, materials, means, skills and Netherlands Email List capital (human, economic, temporal…). 3. Plan, manage and administer: Before proceeding with the empirical work, it is important to write down everything on paper, including the time, the assignment of Netherlands Email List responsibilities and the resources to be made available. This will confirm that the necessary resources are available and establish a schedule for the investigation. Remember that the objective of the “materials and method” section is Netherlands Email List not only to describe the applied techniques, but to show how and why they

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were applied and to show that the research was carried out with rigor, consistency and seriousness. The author must be able to convince the reader why he chooses a specific Netherlands Email List method and how it fits the goal. The approach used must be clear to answer the research question and the problem statement. From the birth of the idea to the publication of the article: the process Angel Hernando | May 11 Netherlands Email List All research begins with an idea that aims to answer a research problem or question. Ideally, all research is exposed, at the end of this, in the publication of an article in a scientific journal that shows the Netherlands Email List research work carried out. Between these two moments there are a series of steps,

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which constitute a process in themselves, in which a series of Netherlands Email List elements must be taken into account. light keyIn the first place, once the problem has been detected or the question has been Netherlands Email List formulated, it will be necessary to establish the “ state of the art” Within the Netherlands Email List accumulated knowledge in this field, that is, placing the work in the state of the art of knowledge in the subject of the article. To do this, it is necessary to develop a good argumentative capacity, rely on primary sources, use a scientific writing Netherlands Email List and an appropriate style and take into account the connection with the present time and

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