you receive notification of the estimate or rejection of the work. In the Somalia Email List event that the manuscript presents formal deficiencies, or is not included in the thematic focus of the publication, the Editorial Board formally or thematically rejects the work, in many cases, without the option of returning. Somalia Email List On the contrary, if it presents superficial formal deficiencies, it will be returned Somalia Email List to the author for correction before the beginning of the evaluation process. In this preliminary phase, it is very important that you self-check the manuscript before it is sent. selection-03In highly reputable journals, manuscripts are always Somalia Email List evaluated very rigorously, because scientific review is the core of quality (the research is valued,

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not the researcher). In ‘Communicate’ this process can be submitted Somalia Email List experts on average, anonymously. Its external reports are key for the acceptance / Somalia Email List rejection of the work, as well as whether it should be subject to modifications, in terms of length, structure or style, respecting the content of the original. The protocol used by the journal’s reviewers should Somalia Email List always be public to everyone, especially the authors. The term of scientific evaluation of the works must also be published, and must never be a maximum time greater than the periodicity of the journal. For example, in ‘Communicate’ Somalia Email List the average time for scientific review is 50 days and 50 days for final acceptance (that is,

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All authors must receive, for the sake of transparency of the process, Somalia Email List the scientific evaluation reports, anonymously, so that they can make (where appropriate) the appropriate improvements or replicas. Also, the authors of Somalia Email List accepted articles, must claim, before the final edition, the proofs for their ortho-typographical correction. Magazines of international Somalia Email List prestige also choose to have a final version in English to guarantee its international consultation and dissemination. The translated text must have a professional quality. Likewise, it is very common in this type of publications that the Somalia Email List articles are previously available

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