A few weeks ago I went to see Guns n roses perform in las vegas. It was an amazing show and brought me back. To the days when I used to Qatar Phone Number celebrate this band’s entire catalog. Axl Rose has kept guns n roses going for more than 20 years, and they are. Just as popular now as they were in their heyday. Their marketing skills both online and off, combined. With their dedication to blowing the minds of their fans. And exceed expectations, leads me to Qatar Phone Number think that there are lessons a good content marketer can take away. I continually look for fun and interest. Ways to share content marketing tips, I thought it would be fun. To take a few lessons from one of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time.

Guns N Roses Qatar Phone Number

Welcome to the jungle. Guns n roses made a name for themselves and broke through the mass of other bands on the sunset strip. They did so Qatar Phone Number by building a reputation for amazing performances. Paying attention to what the crowd reacted to, and delivering it consistently. In the current “content eat content” marketing world, a business can take cues from such a strategy. Just as gnr stood out from the masses. You Qatar Phone Number must differentiate your content from the competition. It starts with listening to your audience, and figuring out what their pain points are. And understanding the hot topics around their water coolers. You then build credibility by delivering content that takes on a fresh perspective. Solves problems, and both entertains and is a bit edgy.

Qatar Phone Number

Do Something Unexpected Qatar Phone Number

Guns n rose’s first album appetite for destruction is the biggest selling debut of all time. They could have easily made the same record again for their sophomore effort, but instead, they did something very unexpected. They Qatar Phone Number released an acoustic record. Which completely contradicted the hard rock sound they had become so well known for. It was still gnr, but it was something new and unexpected. Your content marketing can Qatar Phone Number benefit from the same strategy. The element of surprise is a terribly underrated technique that can make your content stand out from your competitors. While at the same time exposing it beyond your initial reach and audience. 3. Don’t do it alone. Gnr frontman. Axl Rose has a rotating lineup of top-notch musicians.

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