dedicated to supporting research, although very focused on technological-scientific and Grenada Email List biomedical research, and scarcely present in the Social Sciences and even less in the Humanities. CrossRef , a worldwide reference company as a non-profit Grenada Email List organization and oriented to improve access, communication and search in the academic community, has a Grenada Email List product Since 2013, it has registered the organizations that support and support research worldwide, generating a valuable ranking of funders who value quality research and their support so Grenada Email List that they are recognized internationally. Primary and secondary sources. Why not abuse the latest? |

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September Grenada Email List As we have read previously, starting a scientific article involves a series of reflections on the idea and the process of Grenada Email List formulating the research question . Once the focus is defined, we can begin to empty the information to guide the study towards the main (and fundamental) theoretical bases. In the literature review we must take into account Grenada Email List two types of sources: primary and secondary . Documents relating to the primary source deal with original data, the result of pioneering intellectual work: books, empirical articles, official documents of government institutions, Grenada Email List technical reports, patents, etc. In the case of the secondary source,

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we find organized information as a result of the analysis, reconfiguration Grenada Email List and interpretation of documents published in the academic, institutional and informational spectrum. Both possibilities are applied in scientific studies. Although, we can find a series of issues that encourage a restricted use of secondary sources (see figure). These advantages and disadvantages Grenada Email List confirm the reason why, in sum, we should not abuse secondary sources in our investigations. So these databases can become a guide for the search and location of primary studies, and not so much for their constant reference. Therefore, it is important that, before beginning to structure our sources in the main bibliographic managers ( Grenada Email List , EndNote , Mendeley …),

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