of the journals that are currently published receive Dubai Business Fax List % of the papers, a number that increases in Social Sciences where the number of journals present in the most prestigious international databases ( JCR or Scopus ) is fewer. This fact leads to high rejection rates, Dubai Business Fax List reaching, in some cases, an index of around 90-although our article may be rejected estimating this proportion, it Dubai Business Fax List must be taken into account that good journals are transparent and fast , the texts being able, incorporating the Dubai Business Fax List proposed improvements, to continue their pilgrimage to other journals without.

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e expiration of their studies. It is also recommended, if the Dubai Business Fax List dreaded rejection occurs, not to reply with the journal, since on many occasions the value of the article is Dubai Business Fax List not being questioned but, as mentioned above, it is a structural issue, of percentages, Only 5% or 10Dubai Business Fax List of the received works can be published. Therefore, it is more reasonable and positive to choose another publication of the almost 30,000 journals that exist in these prestigious indexes. Therefore, if we take into account the Dubai Business Fax List acceptance and rejection rates for the choice of the publication to send an article to, it should

Dubai Business Fax List

be valued not only in probabilistic terms but also Dubai Business Fax List as an indicator of its impact where the papers that appear have had a much greater competition and they are strictly Dubai Business Fax List selected, compared to those journals with very low rejection rates, where it can be said that almost Dubai Business Fax List everything that arrives is accepted, with the consequent discredit for published articles. Tweet Compartir Pinterest Tumblr r published articles. Tweet Dubai Business Fax List Pinterest Tumblr

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