with open access journals that contain at least an electronic version Jordan Phone Number List (physical version is optional) and that are indexed in at least twenty databases including journal evaluation platforms, selective newspaper libraries, search engines of scientific literature and international Jordan Phone Number List library catalogs. Currently, it has the consortium of magazines such as Mediterránea de Jordan Phone Number List , Fonseca. Journal of Communication, RIED. Ibero-American Journal of Distance Education, Dialogues of Communication, Alterity. Education Magazine, among others. In short, recognizing that Scopus contains 293 communication journals. The fact of achieving a consortium between 10% will not Jordan Phone Number List only

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mean progress for science and an advance for themselves but for the thousands of authors who seek the opportunity to disseminate their research. Jordan Phone Number List Nowadays, speaking at the University of scientific journals is a topic given the importance for any researcher to disseminate and edit their Jordan Phone Number List research results in a quality periodical publication if they want to have visibility of their work and academic recognition of their studies. It is especially striking in a university and academic environment, to verify the great ignorance that exists among university faculty (and even with very false assumptions) about quality Jordan Phone Number List journals, the importance of their editorial management, their visibility indexes and their factors of impact on

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the scientific community. One of these confusing points and, Jordan Phone Number List on many occasions, misunderstood, are the indexes and their classification into quartiles, a simple way to rank journals in the main world indexes based on the fourth where they are positioned. The Q1 magazines are those that hold the best positions and therefore are Jordan Phone Number List the most prestigious and famous in their rankings because they have obtained the best and most numerous citations from their magazines for the year of their evaluation. Very few journals, therefore, have the possibility of accessing these levels of international excellence and Jordan Phone Number List even more if they are published outside the scientific-technical

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