Formal aspects Check that the article faithfully conforms to the Venezuela Email List style regulations of the journal, whether or not there is a template to write it: length, typeface, position of Venezuela Email List tables and figures, format of citations and references, etc. Failure to comply with the regulations of the journal may be a reason for rejection of the article without subjecting it to final evaluation. Take some Venezuela Email List time to complete the checklist . Without a doubt, you will eliminate errors, sometimes unconscious, and you will be in a position to submit your article to the magazine. Ahead! The American Psychological Association made available to the public this October the 7th Edition of the APA Style Manual , an internationally referenced copy translated into Venezuela Email List languages. Indeed, we are talking about the favorite manual of researchers,

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editors, writers, teachers and students of the social and natural Venezuela Email List sciences, nursing, engineering and other fields. A guide that seeks excellence in scientific writing in the development of academic-professional activities, and that compiles fundamental guidelines for the writing Venezuela Email List and publication of scientific reports in a clear, concise and structured way. The APA Manual’s team of experts has responded after a decade to the more than 30,000 inquiries and proposals from readers of the sixth edition, which required an adequate update to current academic standards, as well as a simplification of the contents. Venezuela Email List So on this occasion, we are given an entirely renewed guide for academic writing,

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which covers everything from purely ethical aspects to the correct presentation of reports and the citation of authors ( table of contents ). News in the 7th Venezuela Email List Edition The novelties of the new edition have copies in full color in multiple formats ( soft cover , hard , in spiral , eBook ) with a distribution of content accessible to new writers: from improving additional sections up resources Venezuela Email List for students, references simplified (more than 100 examples covering periodicals, books, audiovisual media, web pages, social media and legal resources) and exemplified tables and figures (more than 40 samples). Likewise, essential Venezuela Email List chapters for academic publication have been included and expanded: 1)

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