are really important in the area of the knowledge where the author works and provide part of the theoretical or practical bases of the new work; Malta WhatsApp Number List or the works belong to the same research that is being published in stages. In this sense, there are elements that are criticized by the scientific community about this phenomenon, one of them is when the proportion of self-citations is Malta WhatsApp Number List very high with respect to the number of references, there is not a generalized percentage allowed, although there may be some indications in the regulations of each magazine, as is the case of Malta WhatsApp Number List , which states: “ However, the saturation of self-citations of the author and of this magazine must be limited and controlled …”. Without the intention of establishing a figure,

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in my opinion, self-citations should not occupy more than Malta WhatsApp Number List of the total references of the work. Another element is the unjustified self-citation, that is, when previous works are self-cited that are not related, or are very scarce, with what is stated in the text, or may even Malta WhatsApp Number List be related, but it is unnecessary to make an appointment and it is evident the attempt to self-promote their work and earn the increasingly precious appointments and academic prestige. Some institutions dedicated to the study and analysis of the impact of publications have devised ways of discounting self-citations in order to Malta WhatsApp Number List analyze the impact of a certain article more clearly and objectively.

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Self-citations have their effects also at the level of magazines, in this case they are the citations that the articles of a magazine receive for their own articles. Malta WhatsApp Number List The previous comments apply to this phenomenon. In fact, it is one of the indicators that the main databases calculate as part of the metrics that generate the citations. Examples include the Journal Scholar Metrics Malta WhatsApp Number List service provided by Infoec3 based on Google Scholar data, as well as the main databases: Journal Citation Reports (JCR) from Web of Science and Scopus, among others. These bases commonly penalize excessive self-citing Malta WhatsApp Number List behaviors and may even remove journals from their indexes

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