or collective work that deals with the same area or field of knowledge, Switzerland Business Fax List and that presents research results (s). It is generally structured in chapters, either having between all Switzerland Business Fax List of them, or each of them independently, the structure of the research report (Introduction, Materials and method, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References). These books are usually coordinated by research Switzerland Business Fax List groups, networks or centers, as well as by researchers’ associations, although they are increasingly being standardized as a form of Switzerland Business Fax List product for the dissemination and transfer of research projects in Europe.

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Given the very specific nature of this type of work, publishers know that they are difficult to commercialize -as they are not of general interest, as in the case Switzerland Business Fax List of reference books, or collective, such as the teaching book-, so they tend to charge authors, groups, networks or associations, Switzerland Business Fax List a charge to meet the costs of their production. Indicators of “quality” of a publisher and books Hyperbolically, there are more publishers in Latin America than published books. Although at present there is more demand for publishing – Switzerland Business Fax List than not reading – articles in scientific journals, given the pressure from many

Switzerland Business Fax List

universities and accreditation agencies in Spain and Latin America, the publishing world continues to exist, although its capacity has been reduced for at least 15 years. Switzerland Business Fax List There are universities and research centers that have their own funds and publishing labels. There are also Switzerland Business Fax List countries that have editorials in ministries (such as Education or Culture), in public powers (such as the legislative and judicial), and even in regional and local entities, in addition to all the global private initiatives in this regard. Switzerland Business Fax List Digitization has also contributed to the birth of new types of publishers

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