The Spanish agency 2btube is already part of the small group of companies that meet the criteria to sell advertising on YouTube Kids , which enables them to be able to reserve advertising spaces on channels and videos with a presence on the children’s platform from this month. from YouTube.

“We can offer advertisers advertising space in our inventory available on YouTube Kids, reserving in advance, with guaranteed impressions and ensuring Brand Safety”, explains Blanca Rabena, Director of B2B and Paid Media services at 2btube, “That means that a brand can choose exactly which channels or videos your ad will appear on, knowing in advance the cost per impression. This is something very interesting, especially in the face of the Christmas peru whatsapp number campaign, when the demand from advertisers skyrockets and many times your spot fails to be served in the spaces you would like. We can already reserve the inventory so that this does not happen to them.

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YouTube Kids Is a Standalone App

Smartphones, and smart TVs that offer a world of learning and fun created especially for kids ages 13 and under. Through this platform, YouTube offers content for children and reaches more than 35 million weekly users, including not only minors but also their families.

As a YouTube Partner and YouTube Premium Sales. 2btube was already authorized by YouTube to serve premium advertising on all the channels of its network. Adding the possibility of being able to sell on YouTube Kids is a differential value, a service that can be offered to both advertisers and media agencies that do not have this possibility. And it is that there are very few companies that have the authorization and the necessary software to serve advertising spots on YouTube Kids; not only in Spain but worldwide.

You Tube Kids Is One of The Most Used Applications

“By children under the age of 13 and their parents to consume video content. If you want to reach this target, there is no more effective means that ensures both results than this platform. And it is a fact that children talk to their parents about the spots they see. That it exerts a great influence on the purchase decisions of items such as toys. Movies and items for crafts, “concludes Blanca Rabena.

2btube has successful children’s channels on its network such as Green Family. Learn with Eddie , ToonToon Games , Peque Mús i ca. Also well-known children’s talents such as Lara Campos. Lady Pecas or The Crazy Haacks are part of his inventory in which he serves this type of advertising. Under reservation. And, recently, they have reached an agreement with the production company Sunnyside Studios. Which is behind channels like Groovy El Marciano, The Moonies or SuperZoo. All this gives the agency access to more than 50 million subscribers. More than 100 million views per month on YouTube Kids.


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