in order not to identify authors and research teams, which must be specified in Tanzania Email List the Cover Letter and later in the final manuscript. REFERENCES: Bibliographic citations must be reviewed in the form of references to the text. Uncited bibliography should not be included in the text. Their number must be sufficient and necessary to contextualize the theoretical framework, the methodology Tanzania Email List used and the research results in an international research space. They will be presented alphabetically by the author’s first surname (adding the second only in case the first is very commonly used, and joined with a hyphen). Tanzania Email List The citations must be extracted from the original documents – preferably.

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magazines and to a lesser extent books – always indicating the initial and final page of the work from which they come, with the exception of complete works. Given the Tanzania Email List importance for the citation indexes and the calculations of the impact factors, the correct citation will be assessed in accordance with the APA 7.0 Standard (http:structure-01 KEY IDEAS / HIGHLIGHTS: In some magazines, such as “Tanzania Email List ”, it is recommended to include at the end of the work two or three paragraphs where the most original, relevant and novel ideas of the work are summarized, highlighting their main contributions. They Tanzania Email List can be new paragraphs or literal text, culled from the manuscript (not from the abstract).

Tanzania Email List

In short, taking care of the quality of the paper, in its structure, is Tanzania Email List to faithfully reflect quality research. The opposite is to give reasons to reject a work that unfortunately in its presentation does not reflect the originality of the research that supports it.In the beginning was the name, Tanzania Email List everything begins with a name that as time progresses it gains in meaning and at the end; only that will remain, a name engraved in marble or metal, diamonds and rust. There are many identifying elements in an article, but none are as fundamental as the title. The author should not rush when selecting the title of the Tanzania Email List work and it is even very common that if he does it wrong, the reviewers correct it

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