Likewise, meta-tags allow bibliographic reference managers such as Mendeley, Zotero or Senegal Phone Number List to import the data of the documents that are stored in them automatically without the need to describe the documents, as long as the meta-tags are Senegal Phone Number List correct and complete. Therefore, in the context of digital documentation , the development of meta-tags is essential for the Senegal Phone Number List subsequent dissemination and visibility of documents . A work without meta-tags or with the wrong meta-tags will be like a book hidden in a library that does not appear in the catalog or appears in the wrong way, an invisible document. Tweet Senegal Phone Number List From the seventeenth century scientific journals began to be published.

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The Journal de Scavans was published in Paris in 1665; some time later, the magazine Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society appeared in England, and so Senegal Phone Number List on, the number of magazines grew rapidly during the 19th century. Faced with this phenomenon, Senegal Phone Number List since the twentieth century, the need to implement a method to validate scientific works written by researchers that were presented to Senegal Phone Number List magazines was evidenced. This method was called “peer review,” and its purpose is to measure theSenegal Phone Number List quality, feasibility, and credibility of the investigations, with a view to being published,

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whether their processes or effects, or to present them to funding agencies. This method is named review by pairs , because the manuscript is reviewed by researchers , Senegal Phone Number List presumably experts, the same as the author, in the area. The peer review method has become an essential and integral part of the scientific publication process, although it receives much criticism, it continues to be the main method within scientific journals to: v Senegal Phone Number List a new scientific contribution; check good practices when communicating research results through formal criteria such as: coherence when writing, Senegal Phone Number List mastery of the disciplinary area based on technical vocabulary, logical structure of representing

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