Scimago has just released its Kyrgyzstan Email List Journal Rank (SJR), the first international index of a certain reputation to be released in 2020. Its highly visual portal classifies 30,981 journals and proceedings (taken from the more than 40,000 that Scopus contains) , with their corresponding quartiles, basically respecting their areas of knowledge and regions / countries ( Kyrgyzstan Email List ). This index has been so popular (due to its free access and its intuitive page) that many researchers (and even evaluators) mistakenly identify it with the Scopus index (Kyrgyzstan Email List ) . Since 2017, Scopus has had its official journal Kyrgyzstan Email List measurement tool on its own Scopus Preview portal,

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the SJR also has a ranking that offers aggregated information by country Kyrgyzstan Email List ( classifying them based on the number of documents published in the journals indexed on the portal Kyrgyzstan Email List results are routinely ahead of the expected Scopus indexing, as has happened this year. There are 659 indexed journals from Spain in 2019, a symbolic little more than Kyrgyzstan Email List of the global base, which hosts almost 31,000 journals and proceedings from around the world, especially from the Anglo-Saxon field. In the field of “Education” there are 61 Spanish magazines indexed, almost 10% of the Hispanic ones ( h, being “Kyrgyzstan Email List ” the

Kyrgyzstan Email List

magazine that best consolidates its leadership position, as the first one, of the Kyrgyzstan Email List only three Q1s that appear in the ranking, with a cumulative 432 citations that more than doubled the second, with a SJR of 1,092. It is significant to note, in general, the low impact of our journals, Kyrgyzstan Email List given that the proportion of high impact journals (Q1) is very insignificant and irrelevant, compared to the many Q4. In the area of ​​”Cultural Studies”, 50 Spanish journals from various fields are indexed this year, grouped in this Kyrgyzstan Email List miscellaneous section ( ). “Comunicar” also strengthens its leadership position as the first Q1

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