modifications as in fact occurs in the publication. Additionally, in the article: Oman Phone Number List y ONG: In short, quotation marks are essential for correct writing in academic publications, while knowing and applying them is a priority for researchers. When we talk about Creative Oman Phone Number List Commons (CC) we refer to free licenses that offer everyone, from the individual creator to large companies as well as institutions, in a simple and standardized way, the possibility of granting certain permissions to the public to share and use your work. In this sense, Creative Commons licenses are directly related to the open access movement, Oman Phone Number List facilitating free access without subordinating copyright while benefiting the

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advancement of science. However, to suit the particular needs Oman Phone Number List of each user or licensee, they offer six different licenses, although they all grant two basic rights: the Oman Phone Number List right to reproduce the work and distribute the work free of charge. The terms of these licenses depend on four conditions: creative_ commons_ conditions In this way, the following combinations are established: creative-commons-Oman Phone Number List Attribution: This license allows others to distribute, mix, adjust and build on your work, Oman Phone Number List even for commercial purposes, provided you are credited with the

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This license allows others to remix, modify and develop on Oman Phone Number List your work even for commercial purposes, provided they credit you and license your new works under identical terms. creative-commons-Oman Phone Number List This license allows redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as the work is not modified and is transmitted in its entirety, acknowledging its authorship. creative-commons-300×166 (3) CC BY-NC Attribution-Non Commercial: This license allows others to intermix, adjust and build from your work for non-commercial Oman Phone Number List purposes, and although your new creations must acknowledge your authorship and cannot be used commercially,

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